A letter from the Minister of State

Tiffany Solender from Staveley Mill Yard, who has been privately pushing for further progress on our bridge, has had the following correspondences from our MP and the Minister of State; Robert Goodwill.

It would appear that, from the government’s point of view, they have done all they can to expedite the  recovery of the Old Gowan Bridge. They are firmly pointing the finger at Cumbria County Council who have been given the funding but who now need to prioritise. We can only hope that they consider our village’s need to be high enough to begin work soon. We thank Tiffany for all her efforts.

See copies of the letters below;

IMG_22992016-03-16 letter1 2016-04-12 letter

One thought on “A letter from the Minister of State

  1. The “priority” at the moment appears to be…..a wall across the road! Presumably something to do with Health and Safety? I wonder how much it cost?
    I’m sure we would all rather just have a flippin’ bridge!
    What exactly is the hold up?
    We need more information, explanations and a public consultation about the progress of the planning application and design and dates for the rebuild……PLEASE!!

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