Apologies made and big steps forward to be taken! 

We had a very successful meeting on August 3rd 2016 with Cumbria County Council.

The outcome is this:

1. CCC have apologised for the lack of communication and agreed to communicate with us on all issues going forward.

2. CCC are now in a position to beat the original timeline of Sept 2017, and they are totally confident the bridge will be completed by Easter 2017, but will do everything they can to have it finished even sooner, if possible.

3. The Ground Investigation team will start in 2 weeks.

4. CCC confirmed that they are appointing a Design and Build contractor within a matter of days and need to build a single span bridge to alleviate future flooding. The design needs to be similar to how it was before (without parapets to help flood water), in order that the project is not held up any longer.

5. They are going to work with us in partnership so we can add value to what the Council are doing, and work together to try to make this happen sooner.

David Brockbank

Staveley Mill Yard

Councillor Stan Collins


New Flood Information from the EA

Find the latest information from The Environment Agency regarding the Cumbria Flood Action Plan and the plans set out for Cumbria’s river catchments and estuaries.

Please click on the links below;

Cumbria flood action plan – briefing for community action groups

160629_reducing flood risk from source to sea_FINAL ONLINE GOV


25th Art Exhibition at Staveley Roundhouse

It is 50 years since the Brockbank Family donated the Staveley Roundhouse in memory of Alice Brockbank; a founding member of Staveley Players.

This year, it also celebrates it’s 25th Art Exhibition from 24th-30th August at the Staveley Roundhouse. The exhibition will be open from 10am until 4pm daily.

The organising committee would like to also welcome new exhibitors to the Roundhouse so if you are interested, please contact Mrs Clare Brockbank on 01539 821237.




A letter from the Minister of State

Tiffany Solender from Staveley Mill Yard, who has been privately pushing for further progress on our bridge, has had the following correspondences from our MP and the Minister of State; Robert Goodwill.

It would appear that, from the government’s point of view, they have done all they can to expedite the  recovery of the Old Gowan Bridge. They are firmly pointing the finger at Cumbria County Council who have been given the funding but who now need to prioritise. We can only hope that they consider our village’s need to be high enough to begin work soon. We thank Tiffany for all her efforts.

See copies of the letters below;

IMG_22992016-03-16 letter1 2016-04-12 letter


Bridge Update!

We have received encouraging correspondence from our MP regarding the bridge.

He agrees with our concerns about the lengthy delays to the repairs to the Old Gowan Bridge. He writes that he will make contact with The Army Corps of the Royal Engineers and Mechanical Engineers to see if they can present a creative approach to the problem. He also states that he will be writing to the Area Highways and Transport Manager to express his concerns about our village being split in two for such a long time.

See a copy of the letter below.


Letter from Tim Farron regarding Staveley Bridge