Bridge Update March 2017

Gowan Bridge: Latest News from Cumbria County Council (as at 7th March 2017)
We would have liked to have been in a position to provide you with information sooner regarding the delay to the opening of Gowan Bridge, however, discussions have been taking place with the contractor to ensure that we are providing accurate information to the community which is detailed below:


As you are aware, delivery of the replacement structure was originally planned for summer 2017. (AC: No, as far as the Parish Council was able to glean, the original intention was to START work on the bridge in Sep 2017) To mitigate disruption to the local community, the delivery programme was substantially accelerated which resulted in a targeted date of Easter 2017 for completion of the replacement structure. However, the accelerated delivery introduced several significant risks, both technical and legislative. Several of these risks have unfortunately resulted in an extended design and construction period which have impacted on the overall delivery programme.
Over the last week the piling contractors have now completed installing the piles to the north abutment, the contractor has been able to continue work over the last weekend in order to excavate out the material around the piles on this side of the bridge and will begin cutting down the piles to the correct level ready to construct the pile cap on this side of the bridge. On the opposite side, the works to construct the pile cap are now complete, the steel reinforcement has been fixed in place and rapid set concrete has been poured to form the foundation for the bridge. We are now waiting for the concrete to reach an acceptable strength before breaking out the remains of the old bridge foundation. To speed this up they have two crews working at once and will be working weekends. The concrete bridge beams are currently planned for delivery and placement on 4th April. The craning contractor will need at least 7 days’ notice to arrange delivery, but constant communication is ongoing to ensure that this is achieved.
It is now anticipated that the construction works will be completed on 16th May 2017 which is four weeks beyond the original targeted opening date of Easter 2017. That said, with weekend working and generally favourable weather conditions, it may prove possible to bring the completion date forward by up to a week.

A Drop In event is now planned for Mon, 20th March in the pavilion from 5.30pm to 7pm to view the final bridge design and plans.

Message posted by Arthur Capstick on behalf of Staveley with Ings Parish Council (9.3.17)