Bridge Update!

We have received encouraging correspondence from our MP regarding the bridge.

He agrees with our concerns about the lengthy delays to the repairs to the Old Gowan Bridge. He writes that he will make contact with The Army Corps of the Royal Engineers and Mechanical Engineers to see if they can present a creative approach to the problem. He also states that he will be writing to the Area Highways and Transport Manager to express his concerns about our village being split in two for such a long time.

See a copy of the letter below.


Letter from Tim Farron regarding Staveley Bridge


Storm surpassing all Living Memory

On Friday 4th December 2015, a weather system began that was to bring the worst storm to hit the region in living memory. In Staveley, the winds began to squall and rain fell over-night on Friday and by Saturday Morning, the river was already high with the prospect of another 8 inches to fall.

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Many people took it upon themselves to move out of their homes. By 2pm, the river was swelling and the rain was incessant. As darkness fell, the river continued to rise until approximately 10/11pm where the levels plateaued. By then, much damage had been done and most of the roads in the village had flooded due to the drains backing-up. The Park Farm flood plain was put to full use and the river levels then began to drop until the next morning where it was a noticeable 2ft lower than the night before.

Whilst it was traumatising for all of us, we were lucky enough not to experience the terrible levels which Kendal received. Our thoughts are with them all.

See more here: BBC: Storm Desmond: Schools, hospitals and transport disrupted by flooding