Bridge Update!

We have received encouraging correspondence from our MP regarding the bridge.

He agrees with our concerns about the lengthy delays to the repairs to the Old Gowan Bridge. He writes that he will make contact with The Army Corps of the Royal Engineers and Mechanical Engineers to see if they can present a creative approach to the problem. He also states that he will be writing to the Area Highways and Transport Manager to express his concerns about our village being split in two for such a long time.

See a copy of the letter below.


Letter from Tim Farron regarding Staveley Bridge

Welcome to Staveley

Staveley is a village set in between Kendal and Windermere is set in a beautiful part of The Lake District National Park.

In the village we are proud to have a number of public services and some fantastic businesses which draw a number of locals and visitors every day.

Staveley is 0.515 km and has a population of 1,384 (census 2011), an increase of over 100 people in the village when compared with figures from 2001.

Staveley is nestled between other fantastic villages; Kentmere, Ings, Burneside and Crook which all hold their own treasures.