Apologies made and big steps forward to be taken! 

We had a very successful meeting on August 3rd 2016 with Cumbria County Council.

The outcome is this:

1. CCC have apologised for the lack of communication and agreed to communicate with us on all issues going forward.

2. CCC are now in a position to beat the original timeline of Sept 2017, and they are totally confident the bridge will be completed by Easter 2017, but will do everything they can to have it finished even sooner, if possible.

3. The Ground Investigation team will start in 2 weeks.

4. CCC confirmed that they are appointing a Design and Build contractor within a matter of days and need to build a single span bridge to alleviate future flooding. The design needs to be similar to how it was before (without parapets to help flood water), in order that the project is not held up any longer.

5. They are going to work with us in partnership so we can add value to what the Council are doing, and work together to try to make this happen sooner.

David Brockbank

Staveley Mill Yard

Councillor Stan Collins


New Flood Information from the EA

Find the latest information from The Environment Agency regarding the Cumbria Flood Action Plan and the plans set out for Cumbria’s river catchments and estuaries.

Please click on the links below;

Cumbria flood action plan – briefing for community action groups

160629_reducing flood risk from source to sea_FINAL ONLINE GOV


25th Art Exhibition at Staveley Roundhouse

It is 50 years since the Brockbank Family donated the Staveley Roundhouse in memory of Alice Brockbank; a founding member of Staveley Players.

This year, it also celebrates it’s 25th Art Exhibition from 24th-30th August at the Staveley Roundhouse. The exhibition will be open from 10am until 4pm daily.

The organising committee would like to also welcome new exhibitors to the Roundhouse so if you are interested, please contact Mrs Clare Brockbank on 01539 821237.



The Beer Hall voted Pub of the Year!!

The Beer Hall has been voted Pub of The Year by Westmorland CAMRA!A huge thank you goes to our phenomenal team and to everyone from Westmorland CAMRA who has supported us

Posted by Hawkshead Brewery on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Bridge Update!

One of the businesses from the Mill Yard has acted as a representative for other businesses in the area and has emailed the authorities regarding our bridge closure asking for the Staveley Bridge to be prioritised.

Stan Collins has responded highlighting difficulties regarding the gas supply under the footbridge which they are trying to re-route as quickly as they can in order to address the repair of the bridge. Keith Little has encouraged that there is strong pressure from our local authorities to address the bridge.

Please see the correspondence below;

Dear Mr Young,

I am writing to you on behalf of Staveley businesses. Following the recent floods, the road bridge on the Main Street in Staveley has been severely damaged and is unsafe to walk across let alone drive. After recent inspection a new bridge is the most economic option. However, we have been informed that this is likely to take up to one year to rectify. This timescale is not a viable option for our businesses in the village. This will have a detrimental effect on the businesses and therefore our community.

The Mill Yard is located at the heart of this rare Lakeland village. Not only does Staveley have a thriving community, the Mill Yard alone employs over 400 employees through the 40 diverse businesses located on site. Since the bridge closure the village has been split. We urge you to prioritise Staveley and take immediate action to replace the bridge. 

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,

Tiffany Solender –

POGU – Protect What Matters

She has recieved the following responses:


One of the problems is that the gas main runs under the remains of the footbridge (alongside the Eagle and Child bridge) and these cannot be moved while the gas main is live.  National Grid (gas) is working on a major project to reroute the gas main which will be done as soon as possible.  I had been concerned that the remains of the footbridge could fall into the river and block its flow causing massive flooding; we now have the risk of fire to contend with as well because such a collapse would rupture the gas main.

I am keeping up to date with the latest developments and pressing for a permanent solution to be delivered at rapidly.

Best wishes,

Stan Collins,
Upper Kent division

Hi Tiffany, thank you for your letter re the defective bridges we are well aware of the difficulty all of the bridge defects, closures are causing our communities and businesses. We are working hard to get decisions on repairs and or replacements and this will form part of our ask to the Government for funding. I can assure you that your locally elected members are continually reminding us of the difficulties faced in the community, we are a very large county with a great many difficulties as you will appreciate, we face further weather related issues in the next few days, which will inevitably cause further damage to our already fragile infrastructure. I will forward your letter onto the area team and ask for a response direct to yourself. I hope this is helpful.


Keith Little

Portfolio holder Highways & Transport